Monday, August 31, 2009

Woodland Wonderland

Over the weekend, my husband & I put in major sweat equity to create a new garden bed that will be a highlight of our backyard Woodland Nature Garden. I have fallen in love with Trees and Shrubs in particular, and it will be exciting to see so many native plants (Serviceberry, Viburnum, Eastern Redbud) providing a proliferate supply of berries for all the birds and wildlife to enjoy! Certain shrubs, like Summersweet, attract hummingbirds, and then the perennials (Hosta, Coral Bells, Japanese Anemone) are great for butterflies. This garden bed on the left side of our property will be vibrant and alive with colorful pretty little things flitting about.



~$150 5 Hosta, 10 Astilbe, 12 Coral Bells (online order from Blue Stone Perennials)
~$40 Rental of Rototiller from Home Depot for 4hrs.
~$35 10-12 bags of Leafgro and Topsoil
~est $400 4 Trees to be purchased
~est $350 8 Shrubs to be purchased
~est $75 5 adit'l Anemones to be purchased

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall Container Recipe

1 Purple Fountain Grass
1 Purple Aster
6-pack Viola 'Sorbet Citrus Mix'
1 English Ivy

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dreamland Red and Uproar Rose

I've decided to keep a spot open along my front-entry garden for the planting of annuals each year, and next year I will edge my borders with Zinnias! The seeds are cheap and are said to germinate easily even when sowed directly onto the ground, and I think these annuals will add some much-needed FLOWER POWER to that area of my garden, especially during the hottest months. Perhaps I'll even throw in some "Swizzle Cherry & Ivory" just to mix things up a bit, and I just cannot wait to see it all in action. It's gonna be awesome!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

My Garden Club explored the serene wetland paradise of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, located in urbane Washington D.C., and the Guided Tour by a National Parks Ranger was excellent! This was my 2nd visit to the park, having first visited in July 2006 to attend the Lotus & Water Lily Festival. This time we went on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and as there were torrential downpours all morning and right up until our tour began, only a small number of visitors were at the park and it was so much more tranquil.


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