Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Scent of a Lily

The fragrance of Oriental and Orientpet Lilies is simply outstanding, and it literally takes only one cut flower to perfume an entire room. I'm looking forward to adding more (many more) of these bulbs to my garden come Autumn, especially the surprisingly super-fragrant Orienpets. Rabbits can be a problem for me, they gnaw off the flower buds of my lilies each Spring if I'm not careful to spray repellent in time, but with the Orienpets this is not a problem as their impressive height keeps them safe from the rabbits. Now, I just need to think of companion plants to go with the lilies. Gardening never ends for me, I am always always tinkering in the garden.

Lily 'Muscadet'

Orienpet Lily 'Satisfaction'

Friday, June 24, 2011

Heavenly Hydrangeas

I cannot think of a more perfect bloom for flower arrangements than that of the Hydrangea. They definitely have the *wow* factor, and seemingly last forever in a vase. This morning I went out to cut a few to make an Imprompu Bouquet.

It turned out so great that I decided to create a second arrangement to give to my neighbors. They have always been so kind, and after the birth of my baby girl this Spring they brought over such nice gifts.

After scrubbing out an old jam jar, I cut a strip of green scrapbook paper and then glued on a row of individual Hydrangea florets for extra decoration. I love the effect and will have to try more crafty projects like this in the future.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sensational Shade Shrubs

Thankfully there are a great many shrubs that will thrive (and flower) in the shade, and just a few days ago my Aesculus parviflora ('Bottlebrush Buckeye') came into full bloom. This is really an outstanding shrub, and the large wispy flowers are mildly fragrant and last a long time. The Aesculus is definitely happy in its home and has produced double the flowers compared to last year.

I planted a grouping of three Hydrangea 'Blushing Bride' shrubs next to the floating deck earlier this Spring, and they have really taken off in only a short period of time. They wilt on hot sunny days, but otherwise this is a wonderful shrub and Hydrangeas are always a great edition to any shady space.

Then (April 2011):


During the 2011 Spring, I have added installed several additional shrubs to my garden, including Viburnum 'Carlesii' and the supremely elegant Hydrangea 'Twist-n-Shout'. Hydrangeas are so hard to resist, and I'm sure to add more of them as soon as I find a place to put them.

My most ambitious project to date in the garden, has been the creation of the Woodland Side Border. I installed a mixed evergreen hedge to the back along the property line last month, using 3 Skip Laurels, 2 Sasanqua Camellias which I transplanted, and 2 Azalea 'Delaware Valley'. These shrubs will provide much needed winter structure. I also put in one more tree, Cornus Kousa 'Samaritan'.

I love my trees, but it's the shrubs that get me most excited each season.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's In Bloom?

All across the U.S.A., gardeners are rejoicing at the beauty of JUNE BLOOMS. To catch a peak of at least 150 gardens for this month's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, go check out Carol's blog "May Dream Gardens"! In my own garden there are sun-perennials blooming, as well as hydrangeas and a few roses, and I love how fresh everything is looking.

Front Entry Container
This container was planted up in late-April with Cordyline Australis 'Red Star', Marguerite Daisy, and Mandevilla Dipladenia. After shearing the daisies in May, they've just pushed out a fresh crop of new blooms.

I wish these were the re-blooming type of Daylily, but alas I enjoy them when I can, and they add so much cheer to the entry garden.

This fragrant herb is a hit with the bees, and I'm so happy I chose to plant it.

Astilbe 'Maggie Daley'
I am very impressed with this lovely magenta-hued Astilbe, it is a true knock-out and so richly pigmented.

Hydrangea 'Endless Summer'
A great blooming shrub for shade, I am wowed with how long the cut flowers last in a vase. However I am not pleased with the droopiness and all the wilting during the heat of the day. I plan to install Peony hoops to give these two a lift.

Rose 'Sunsprite'
This is a new addition that I recently found at the grocery store, and it is being grown in a Container on the Deck. The fragrance is really spectacular.

Asiatic Lily 'Vermeer'
This is a gorgeous lily, the pink-white color really pops.

Mailbox Butterfly Garden
Considering there was nothing here at all just three months ago, I am completely thrilled with my new Butterfly Garden. It has filled in so well and looks great! The color theme has now transitioned from being predominately purple (Clematis, Irises, Salvia), to mostly white and yellow (Yarrow, Daylilies, Shasta Daisies and Zinnia).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Peach Blossoms

--Rose Garden at Brookside Gardens, June 2011


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