Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Joy

The crisp cool days of November have arrived, which means no more pesky mosquitoes, and time to plant bulbs and rake leaves. While basking in the joy of this sunny sweet day, I accomplished many chores and got all my tulips and lilys in the ground. My husband was also productive, both mowing and fertilizing the front lawn. We worked hard, but also (literally) took time to smell the roses. I also did not forget to grab my camera. Here's a snapshot of what's happening in the garden:

Rock Garden
The Serviceberry has hit its peak color, showing off fire orange foliage. The ornamental birdhouses are really set off nicely along this backdrop, and I'm convinced that the way to add more charm to a garden, is to incorporate more Garden Accents.

Wooded Back
The Tulip Trees and assorted woodland at the back of our property line are thrilling to watch at this time of year. They are majestic and gorgeous and honestly, they are the main reason why we fell in love with this property when searching for our first home.

Woodland Garden
This border was only installed 2yrs ago, yet it looks as if it's always been there. I will keep adding to this area until it's completely filled in, but already I'm feeling that it is 90% done, and that is a really good feeling (and a relief).

Shade Perennial Border
Hostas are just such great plants, and several have turned golden yellow which is an added joy. This border area is like night-and-day compared to what we started with, and I'm terribly proud of what it has become.

My Family
The greatest joy of all, is the family that I am so blessed to share my life and these great November days with. The children are growing as fast as the trees, and we are always building wonderful memories as we work together, in our garden.


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