Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Scent of a Lily

The fragrance of Oriental and Orientpet Lilies is simply outstanding, and it literally takes only one cut flower to perfume an entire room. I'm looking forward to adding more (many more) of these bulbs to my garden come Autumn, especially the surprisingly super-fragrant Orienpets. Rabbits can be a problem for me, they gnaw off the flower buds of my lilies each Spring if I'm not careful to spray repellent in time, but with the Orienpets this is not a problem as their impressive height keeps them safe from the rabbits. Now, I just need to think of companion plants to go with the lilies. Gardening never ends for me, I am always always tinkering in the garden.

Lily 'Muscadet'

Orienpet Lily 'Satisfaction'

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