Friday, July 16, 2010

What's In Bloom?

This month for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day -- July 2010, I have many wonderful sun-loving plants in bloom. My garden is popping with the bright flowers of Zinnias, as well as Coneflowers and Agastache, and the long-blooming Scabiosa, Salvia and Lavender is going strong. In addition, my new Hydrangea 'Endless Summer' is beginning to bloom.

The zinnias, planted amongst the long perennial/shrub border, were taller than I had expected. Next year, I will choose shorter bedding annuals because I feel this area looks too cluttered from a distance, although up close it actually looks fine.

In other Gardening News...I widened the rightmost portion of the border by about a foot, to allow for a third row of perennials. I read somewhere that a border should be at least as wide as the walkway it abuts, and that totally made sense to me. There are now 5 Sedum 'Autumn Joy' on the back row, replacing 3 Holly shrubs, then Dianthus 'Baths Pinks' in the middle row, and a mix of Carpathian Bellfowers 'White and Blue Clips' in the front to serve as edging.

A lot of gardening work got done throughout the month of July, with much of it performed in 95-105 degree heat! We had a period of 10+ days with no rain, so I also spent many mornings outside wielding the hose. Thankfully, the drought finally broke and we at last received a few heavy rains to green up the garden again.


Phillip said...

Your borders look great. I love the curving lines.

tina said...

Well first of all I have to say your little Dirt digger is just too cute! Your gardens and borders look wonderful and you only started the garden 18 months ago? Wowser! It looks very well thought out and established. You'll love the Endless summer hydrangea and may wind up adding more as it is an addiction. Be forewared:) You have a fantastic weekend.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...




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