Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yellow-Orange-Red Tapestry

The Washington D.C. region was ridiculously gorgeous this weekend, as perfect as could be with incredible sunshine and blazing bright tree foliage. I feel really lucky to live in an area that is so amazingly photogenic both Fall and Spring, and our moderate climate provides a world of possibility for gardeners of all stripes. When I lived in Chicago (zone 5), the planting of Camellias was a no-go, and when I lived in Houston (zone 9), you couldn't do Tulips or Peonies. Now I am privileged to be able to chose from a wide variety of plants, and to have weekends in November where it's still mild enough for an outdoor picnic.

My weekend was busy with garden chores, from planting 60 Dutch Iris and 18 Allium bulbs amongst the many Dayliles that I dug up and divided, to transplanting the Forsythia bush. However, after all that work I actually feel refreshed. I look around my garden, and see all that has been accomplished (mostly by Mother Nature), and I feel totally rejuvenated. With this tapestry of color all around me, how could I not?

Kousa Dogwood (Bradford Pear behind)

Japanese Maple

Burning Bush

Sugar Maples


Nikita said...

Researching Japanese water garden and came across your Japanese maple, how delightful and richness in color! I think I will incorporate one in my design. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal said...

Yes, my Japanese Maple is totally gorgeous this time of year and I couldn't recommend them more. Thanks for your comment!

VW said...

Well, your area often is ridiculously gorgeous! My sister lives near you and sometimes sends garden pictures - my favorites are the cherry trees in spring. Such old, elegant trees.

Crystal said...

Cherry Blossom time is really what D.C. is famous for, rightfully so! I love Spring with all the Azaleas & Saucer Magnolias blooming, but Fall is to me just as great.

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