Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Hosta Collection

Quite by accident, I've stumbled into being a Hosta Collector, swayed by the ease and charm of this most reliable perennial for the shade garden. There are endless varieties of Hosta, they range from giant-sized to teeny-tiny, with colors from dark or silvery blue to electric variegated creams and green, and many are fragrant. Hostas feature prominently in my Shade Perennial Border, as well as in many containers on my deck, and with my collection growing every year I think now it's time for me to begin compiling a list of them all. So far I have about 15 different cultivars. Perhaps one day there will be 100!

My Hosta Collection
Hosta So Sweet
Hosta Big Daddy
Hosta Striptease
Hosta Zounds (?)
Hosta Hadspen Blue
Hosta Masquerade
Hosta Royal Standard
Hosta Frances Williams
Hosta Golden Tiara
Hosta Wide Brim
Hosta Patriot
Hosta Fragrant Dream
Hosta Fragrant Bloom
Hosta Stained Glass
Hosta Elegans

Hosta Wishlist
Hosta Risky Business
Hosta Rainbow's End
Hosta Orange Marmalade
Hosta Hush Puppy
Hosta Pandora's Box
Hosta Lakeside Cupcake

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