Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brilliant Blooms of May

Definition of SUPERB : marked to the highest degree by grandeur, excellence, brilliance, or competence

My garden hit peak bloom about a week ago, the perennials and shrubs metamorphosing into a blooming machine, and I am savoring every moment that I am present to behold the magnificent glory of Spring. This year marks the fourth season in which I have gardened on this property, and I am truly reaping the rewards of all the metaphorical seeds that I have sown. The borders are lush and full and diverse, and my plantings are now well-established and thriving.

I had the great fortune of inheriting a very lovely collection of Trees & Shrubs when we bought our home, and the Kousa Dogwood looks especially spectacular this time of year. It is covered with blooms of the purest white.

While the Dianthus 'Bath's Pink' have now faded, this side of the border will ratchet up soon with the blooms of Lavender and the trio of David Austin 'Harlow Carr' roses that I planted behind the Pinks.

My son enjoys romping about in the garden, and he's growing into a wonderful little helper. He has quite the imagination too, and I love to watch him get lost in play.

The Butterfly Garden is especially favored by my son, and by me too. I started this bed from a barren patch of grass just one year ago, and as I watch it flourishing with every passing month, I feel a flush of joy that I now have this happy stretch of Sun Perennials to greet me each day, upon my arrival to my home.

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