Friday, July 10, 2009

Peony Dreamin'

I ordered a half-dozen Peonies from Peony Meadows, a local grower, and I am just bursting with excitement at the prospect of their arrival in the Fall. I will plant them in my front-entry border amongst the day lilies in groups of 3, and it's gonna look awesome! The below pictures are from the grower website, and next May/June I will compare and contrast to see if the pictures match reality. Peonies are next to perfect, their only flaw is that they bloom for so very briefly a time that their pleasure is only fleeting. I staggered the group and hope to be blessed with a full 6-8 wks of Peony flowers, but we'll see...

{{Photos from Peony Meadows website}}

Early/Mid-Season: Red Charm and Pink Hawaiian Coral

Mid-Season:Do Tell and Mt. St. Helens

Mid/Late-Season: Moonstone and Louise Marx

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