Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pretty Norfolk Harbor

I spent the 4th of July weekend in Hampton Roads, where we attended the 33rd Annual Harborfest and watched the fireworks over Norfolk Harbor. During the day we strolled the Waterside Walk, and I was impressed with the wide array of interesting flowerbeds all along the way. Summertime in Virginia can be so hot and brutal that many flowers wilt, but everything in Norfolk seemed so fresh and lively, almost "Spring-like" especially with the Crape Myrtles blooming. This all served as a wonderful inspiration for me, and now I hope to implement a better strategy in my home garden to achieve applause-worthy results. Mainly, I need to always be careful to match the plant with the light that is available, LIGHT IS GOD in a garden. My shady backyard simply won't support petunias spilling from baskets or rose bushes and lilies (my heart is breaking), yet my front yard gets so bright that even the vinca are scorched! Next season, I hope to get it right.

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