Monday, October 26, 2009

2010 Plant Wishlist

Over the weekend I did Fall Garden Clean-up, cutting back all the Hosta/Salvia/Daylily foliage and mulching the front garden beds. I've planted at least 350-400 Tulip/Daffodil/Hyacinth/Muscari bulbs over the past couple of weekends, and so there's gonna be a crazy-explosion of bulbs-a-blooming come Spring and I simply can't wait to see that view. At this point, my garden creation is near complete, I've put so many trees/shrubs/perennials in the ground that there is nary a spot left available for future planting. Yet, I keep on discovering new plants that I want to give a try. Here are a few of my dream plants for 2010/2011:

* Tiarella Foamflower "Sugar & Spice"
* Butterfly Bush "Nanho Blue"
* Rose Bush "Gertrude Jekyll"
* Shasta Daisy
* Rudbeckia "Goldstrum"
* Phlox David
* Japanese Snowbell Tree
* Oakleaf Hydrangea
* Lamium Purple Dragon
* Creeping Phlox Sherwood Purple
* Itea Little Henry
* Solomon's Seal

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