Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Peony Resilience

I have always heard good things about how hardy and tough Peonies are, and how they are near impossible to kill. Well I hope the rumors are true, because I ordered "Breck's Lifetime Peony Collection" for $29.99 but they were mostly dried out tiny little bareroot things. I believe it may be 2-3 years before they bloom if at all. I planted 3 of them under the Kousa Dogwood at the front of my house, 1 went out back near the Redbuds joining 2 other peonies that I'd bought in the Spring at Home Depot, and then 1 was in very poor shape and it got planted near the garage between some daylilies.

Breck's Lifetime Peony Collection

Sarah Bernhardt Peony - Bright pink

Felix Supreme Peony - Bright red

Festiva Maxima Peony - Bright white

Sorbet Peony - Bright pink and creamy white

Pillow Talk Peony - Light pink

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