Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nature Baby

Gardening for children is high on my priority list when I am deciding how to implement my landscape design. Children seem to have a deep intrinsic desire to be outside in nature, and my son is never happier than when he is in The Great Outdoors, running around digging and playing. He loves to touch flowers and move rocks, he points at birds and squirrels and is delighted when I lift him up to grab the budding stems of the Bradford Pear. There is something so precious about watching children lost in free play, and it saddens me to read how so many children have lost this joy of childhood, as nature time has been replaced with screen time. Sitting in front of the T.V. or computer just doesn't cut it when you could be playing under the open sky. My entire parenting philosophy, which included exclusively breastfeeding and cloth-diapering my son, is oriented around Natural Family Living. I want my garden to be my children's playroom, and to teach them that you can have so much fun without fancy gadgets and plastic toys, you can have fun with...a stick.

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