Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Awakening

We were greeted with the lovliest weather imaginable to kick off the Spring gardening season, and I spent my entire weekend taking advantage of it by edging and prepping my borders. I sprinkled Columbine seeds around the large Oak tree on the right-side of the deck...

...and I also dug up a patch of grass next to the deck to make way for a salad garden. I planted bunching onions, sugar snap peas, and a lettuce blend to get it started.

The exquisite Pieris Japonica is now completely covered in creamy pearl-like buds (the bees love it)...

...and the Forsythia has become the 2nd shrub in my garden to bloom.

The newly created woodland border, centered with 3 'Forest Pansy' Redbuds and containing multiple shrubs, is underplanted with Daffodils. The early bloomers have already opened, and in a few more weeks this area should be filled with flowers.

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