Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Achieving Harmony with Simplicity

Our local Garden Center was running a special offering $50 Landscape Design Consultations, and so I took this as an opportunity to get some personalized professional advice to help me achieve more harmony in my garden. It was a worthwhile endeavor, and I received a gem of wisdom. There is always a tendency for many gardeners to plant one of this, one of that, but the Designer reinforced the principle of choosing fewer plants, and then mass planting them. She suggested that I use Liriope 'Big Blue' as edging for my woodland garden, rather than the rocks that I had lined up to define the bed. Brilliant! I am now incorporating this idea and will get all these plants in the ground over the next days.

I've planted several Peony Trees beneath the Cherry Tree, and will continue to build the collection in this space. The cultural conditions are a near perfect part-shade/part-sun, and so in a matter of time I think this segment of the garden will look great.

The Rock Garden will receive a mild makeover next Spring. My plan is to divide and transplant the Carex 'Evergold' to beneath the Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance' tree, and then to populate the deck-side bed with a row of Hosta 'Patriot', or some other sun-tolerant Hosta cultivar.

What a JOY it is, to have a garden!

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