Monday, May 6, 2013

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

For many years now, it has been a Springtime ritual to tour local Botanical Gardens & Parks, and during the last weekend of April we had the pleasure of visiting the Norfolk Botanical Gardens down in the Tidewater Hampton Roads area.

It was a treasure trove of woodland Azaleas, and gorgeous Camellias. Our timing was optimal for viewing the famous collection, and the blooming Camellia shrubs did not disappoint.

I hunger to one day have a vast wonderland of a garden, to buy land somewhere (5 acres perhaps) and go hog wild planting my fantasy garden. There's no better place for inspiration than Norfolk Botanical Gardens, and it was all quite impressive.

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River P said...

Oh yes I know exactly what you mean "hungering for land to grow a garden". The possiblities seem endless. A lovely dream I hope it comes true some day.

For myself every garden I've had has been too small, and you cant grow everything you want to. Sigh. Its better than most who don't have gardens at all hey?

Growing just a few things well is always better than many badly. So you can be proud from what I can see.

Good luck.


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