Sunday, May 24, 2009

Creation of a Shade Garden

My husband & I took a desolate corner of our backyard (behind the garage) and turned it into a pleasant shady garden that will add some interest where there previously was none. I was never a fan of Hostas before, but have now come to appreciate them. It's really pointless to attempt to "fight the shade", and so I'm brushing up on other shade-loving plants (Bleeding Hearts seem especially delightful) that I can work into the landscape. We have a plan, and now simply need to implement it, and I just hope to be done for sure by Spring 2010 season.

Ingrediants: 2 Rhododendrons (Roseum Pink) + 1 to-be-transplanted, 5 Hostas Patriot, 7 Lamium White Nancy

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