Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paradise Found

(Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda "Place of many little birds")

For so many years I was a Gardener without a Garden, living a transient existence in various apartments in various places, all the way from Houston (too hot) to Chicago (too cold). I always longed to be rooted, to have a place to call HOME, and at last I have found my own private paradise and it is warm and just right. My plot of land in Northern Virginia presents so many opportunities, and my ultimate goal is to create a special and magical space that will be both welcoming to wildlife and a laboratory where I can express myself. Several years ago, I had the great blessing to spend a good many days on an island in Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, one of the most beautiful locales across the globe. It was a dream, a pure and simple Garden of Eden. There were so many songbirds, so much colour and beauty, and I was touched with an inspiration that has followed me to this day. Now as a First-Time Homeowner, I am ready and set to dig in and implement plans for My Dream Garden, and it is with great excitement that I launch this weblog to chart my adventures and lessons learned on the way!

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