Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creation of a Butterfly Garden

April is the sweetest month to me, a month full of so much hope and promise. And so it is only fitting that I begin the month by breaking ground on my long-planned Mailbox Butterfly Garden. I prepared the garden bed last Fall using the lasagna method to smother the grass, and today I planted up a whole range of perennials using mostly divisions or transplants that I already had. In addition to adding in the plant-life, my husband installed a brand new mailbox and post, and so this entire area just got a full face-lift. Below is a listing of the plants I used:

7 Daylilys (yellow)
1 Clematis (purple)
3 Shasta Daisy 'Becky'
1 Peony 'Louise Marx'
3 Bearded Iris (purple/blue)
2 Yarrow 'Coronation Gold'
1 Butterfly Bush 'Nanho Blue'
3 Black-Eyed Susan 'Goldstrum'
30 Acidenthera bulbs

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