Sunday, August 28, 2011

$3.33 Hostas

Today I stumbled across an incredible deal that made me do a double-take; Lowe's had 1 gal Hostas priced at $3.33 each! Altogether I purchased 15 of them: 1 Hosta 'Minuteman', 1 Hosta 'Dream Queen', 2 Hosta 'Yellow River', and 11 Hosta 'Francee'. The Hosta 'Francee' will be mass planted to form a groundcover under the new Crape Myrtle, and I'll likely divide some of them to cover even more ground. I really lucked out today, and I will bask in the glow of my great fortune while I'm outside digging 20+ holes tomorrow morning.

Update: The Hosta Groundcover is now installed!

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