Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remaking a Dead Spot

There is one area of my garden that frustrates and disappoints me like no other, and I just don't know what to make of it. Last year I tried to re-brand this area as a Lily Garden after I planted a whole collection of lily bulbs, but somehow that scheme simply did not work. Today I went out and took pictures, and now I know why...

The area is actually quite massive. A few dozen bulbs can't possibly make an impact in a space this large. Now, I am trying to figure out a new strategy as I attempt a re-design for the second time.

I love trees, and it recently occurred to me that it would be quite wonderful to have a Crape Myrtle 'Natchez' on the property, so now I am lending towards installing one here.

The sun situation is rather suitable for a Crape Myrtle, and with a large specimen tree filling up most of the space, I would then be saved the expense of buying dozens of additional plants (shrubs, perennials, more bulbs). Definitely this is the direction I am leaning towards, after giving it more thought, and I hope to have a solution in the near future.

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