Saturday, April 17, 2010

Creation of a Lily Garden

My day began early with the digging of 10 large holes and planting of 31 Oriental Lilies. I discovered the lilies, bought in the late days of winter and then promptly forgotten, while rummaging through the garage. All week I had thought about where to plant these lilies, and finally it occurred to me that the sunny spot where my husband planted the new birdhouse that he built would be perfect! This area also contains a Doublefile Viburnum 'Shasta' which I planted last November, and it's close enough to the deck that the sweet fragrance of the lilies will waft by when we are sitting out there for enjoyment. I love the tall graceful scented Oriental Lilies, and I'm so happy to have found a dedicated space for growing them.

Oriental Lily Collection
8 Vermeer (pastel pink)
8 Merostar (speckled pink/red, white edge)
8 America (cranberry red)
7 Muscadet (pure white, pink spots)

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