Sunday, April 18, 2010

Magnificent Middleburg

Historic Virginia Garden Week is now underway, and today I had the pleasure to visit some amazing country estates and gardens out in the Loudon-Faquier hunt country area of Middleburg. The equestrian lifestyle is quite vibrant there and the landscapes are incredibly scenic. I toured five gardens with a couple of ladies from my garden club, and what a wonderful way to spend a Spring Sunday afternoon.


Kelly@LifeOutOfDoors said...

Ah, Virginia in the spring. There's nothing quite like it. As a Richmond native, I have to say I'm a little jealous that you're so close to all that. Love the blue ridge off in the distance. What a lovely day you must have had. Thanks for stopping by my site!

Crystal said...

Yes, Virginia is a beautiful state! I went to college in the Midwest and then stayed on several years thereafter (lots of endless cornfields), and so being here I have a real appreciation for the natural beauty and rolling hills and mountains.


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