Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring 2010 Garden Binge

There have been so many new additions to my plant collection this week that I'm actually starting to sympathize with my husband who is calling for a TIME OUT. Gardening at this time of year can become obsessive for me, because as April winds down and turns into May, the window for getting plants into the ground quickly dwindles. The Mid-Atlantic summer heat is often oppressive, and can prove fatal to plants that did not get the needed time to become established. I have committed to no new plant purchases for the rest of the Spring/Summer months, and actually, it will be rather nice to kick back and simply enjoy the garden instead of digging holes from sunup to sundown!

Brent and Beckys Bulbs
Caladium Aaron (5)
Caladium Candidum Sr. (5)
Colocasia - esculenta 'Illustris' (3)

American Meadows
Buddleia Nanho Blue
Echinacea purpurea Magnus (3)
Lily of the Valley (Bag of 15)
Hosta Royal Standard (3)
Hosta sieboldiana Frances Williams (3)
Hosta Wide Brim (3)
Sedum Autumn Joy (3)
Tricyrtis Blue Wonder (3)
Tricyrtis White Towers (3)

Burke Nursery and Garden Center
Leucothoe Scarletta (3) -- Gorgeous glossy-leaved small evergreen shrub, with a "two-tone" effect as new leaves emerge purplish-red and mature to deep green. The whole shrub turns bright burgundy in fall, and white pendulous flowers are produced in spring.

Japanese Skimmia (3) -- Another shade-loving small evergreen shrub, the Skimmia produces creamy fragrant blooms in early-spring, and displays bright red berries from fall to spring. Supposedly, the leaves are aromatic as well when crushed!

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