Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Best Flower in the World

Of all the impressive and amazing heart-stopping flowers that exist in the world, if I could only pick one it would have to be that of the Tree Peony. I discovered one of these gorgeous specimens already in existence on my property in Spring 2009, and I've dreamed of adding more to the garden ever since. Finally, today I just placed an order with Klehm's Song Sparrow for a Fall delivery of the below twosome (pictures courtesy of the website). I am going to plant them out in the dappled shade of my Woodland Garden, right next to the stone bench which I will soon be shopping for, and I just know that this will be the most magical spot in the whole of my garden.

Peony Tree 'Hephestos'

Peony Tree 'Kamada Fuji'

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