Monday, December 26, 2011

Terrariums - Tiny Tabletop Gardens

Interesting how an idea can implant in your head, and grow and grow until it becomes an obsession. I came across a $5 terrarium gift plant while at Home Depot many weeks ago, and then the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens had an article on how to create terrariums, and so today I scooped up the supplies and decided to try one. I AM HOOKED! There are so many possibilities, so much opportunity to really get creative, and the final product is effortlessly elegant.

Creation #1: Jungle Tiger

Creation #2: Resting Birds

Creation #3: Desert Orchid

Creation #4: Silver Forrest

Whenever I glimpse these tiny wonders, I feel transported to a tropical fantasy world, and best of all they are a self-sustaining eco-system that practically take care of themselves. I now have a New Hobby in 2012!

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