Sunday, May 2, 2010

Accessories for the Garden

Like a beautifully dressed woman, a great garden should be well-accessorized. I have decked out my garden with a variety of items, and just like a sprinkling of jewelry that lends a special flair to an outfit, these garden accents really light up my landscape making it all the more unique and magical.

Bird Houses
Made by my very talented wonderful husband, based off designs he found in the book Designer Birdhouses: 20 Upscale Homes for Sophisticated Birds", I am so enchanted by these gorgeous nesting boxes. Both are in my backyard, and the orange-yellow one already has its first set of tenants!

Aluminum Birds
I picked these up at the Philadelphia Flower Show that I attended in March. Cute and adorable, my little boy just can't keep his hands off them. The 2 are sited in the Woodland Side Border, which should be bird-paradise come late-Summer when the Cleathra Summersweets bloom and the Viburnums produce their berries.

Frog and Turtle
I really like the mosaic inlay and glassy gemstone eyes. The frog resides in the Woodland Side Border, and the turtle is out front in my perennial/shrub border next to the Pennisetum Little Bunny.

Bird Bath
This was the very first garden accent I purchased, a lovely item that I found at Kmart of all places. The birds are really using it, and this year I will see to it that the water is changed every other day, to avoid having it become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Wind Chimes
What would a backyard sanctuary be without the gentle chiming of wind chimes? I have the metal froggy-chime hanging in the Honeysuckle Shrub, and the mellow woodsy-chime now dangles from the Witchhazel.

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