Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Big Picture

After I mowed my lawn today, the incessant rain having finally ceased, I stood back and took in The Big Picture. I feel such overwhelming joy to see my garden looking so great and well-balanced, and I love the fullness and depth that the shrubs contribute. Altogether there are 26 shrubs present: 6 Boxwoods, 7 Satsuki Azaleas, 7 Spirea 'Little Princess', 4 Barberry, 1 Holly, 1 Harry Lauder's Walking Stick.

Fortunately, they mesh together and complement each other so well, that the end effect looks natural and elegant. There is a part of me that longs to expand the Perennial Border just a couple more feet, to allow for another row of plantings, but I don't want to tamper with the landscape design and potentially ruin a good thing.

Of course, my collage of shrubs and perennial border could hardly be ruined when they are framed by such lovely "book-ends", the Japanese Maple and Kousa Dogwood. I am especially in awe of the dreamy Dogwood at the moment. I cut flowers to bring inside today.

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