Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bishop's Garden at National Cathedral

It is always a joy to visit an urban garden, especially on a day as sunny and pleasant (though windy) as this Saturday. Washington National Cathedral has an onsite garden that is like an oasis in the city, and the terraced medieval garden was packed with high-impact plants. There were herbs such as thyme and rosemary interspersed throughout the perennials and shrubs, and ancient trees from biblical times. Bishop's Garden is a hidden gem and a real treat for garden lovers.


Terri Aufmuth said...

I am enjoying watching your garden grow! Terri/Cornerstone Landscaping

Crystal said...

Hey there! My garden is a huge source of satisfaction in my life, and I'm so happy we had you to help get us started. It would have been overwhelming for me to do everything without having the landscape design to serve as a "road map".

Your perennial and shrub choices were superb btw, lots of butterflies stop by to visit the Scabiosa etc.


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